Fun Workshop

Price $ 25
Duration 1 Hour

Choose our fun Chocolate Workshop and you’ll find all chocolate lovers are welcome, from tots to teenagers, parents and seniors.


This is an activity everyone will enjoy, and it’s something you can all do together.


At your workshop you’ll be molding chocolate and designing and decorating a selection of chocolate treats including bars and lollies, using white milk or dark chocolate and ingredients and toppings of your choice. All materials are included and you take home what you make. 

Praline Course

Price $ 35
Duration 2 Hours

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a chocolatier? Well now you can find out.

There are few steps involved in becoming a chocolatier, besides loving all kinds of chocolate of course. How to temper chocolate and make it shiny and crisp? How to manage a perfect chocolate filling? Embark on the trail of the "great masters". Let yourself be seduced by us and learn from our Maître Chocolatier the high art of chocolates production. You’ll be making your own homemade gourmet chocolates in no time.

Praline Course Deluxe

Price $ 40
Duration 2.5 Hours

Welcome to the full hands-on workshop, It’s just you and the chocolate. Immerse yourself in the art of making chocolates by a master hand and enjoy your own delicacies - simply irresistible. After preparing your pralines, you will move on to creating your fillings from scratch, mixing and matching ingredients of your choice. No worries, our chefs will be guiding you along the way.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll be on your way to conquer the world of chocolate.

And of course, Packaging is available for your handmade chocolate, to take home, show-off or share with your friends and family.

Chocolate Masters

Price $ 50
Duration 3 Hours

This is the Crème de le Crème of Chocolate making workshop- the dream of every chocoholic.

The master workshop includes sophisticated chocolate making where you will learn how to add color and details to your pralines.

While waiting for your pralines to set. You will be creating your very own chocolate figures and artistic pieces.

Not only will you be leaving with a full-to-bursting bag of your very own pro creations, but you will also be going home with a certificate of becoming a Chocolatier…

Let the BRAGGING begin…

Kids Parties
Looking for an unusual, new and creative fun birthday party idea? Then what’s better than a chocolate party?

We are always happy to customize a special birthday workshop to fit your needs. To find out more about our birthday workshops, please contact us on:

+961 1 34 34 88
+961 78 86 86 16 – +961 76 66 44 88