Adults Workshops

Let's Chocolate!

Did you know that chocolate contains a lot of substances that have a Positive effect on your stress level and mood?

So, if are you looking for an original relaxing few hours, our workshop is the place for you!

Praline Course Deluxe

Price $ 40
Duration 2.5 Hours

Welcome to the full hands-on workshop, It’s just you and the chocolate. Immerse yourself in the art of making chocolates by a master hand and enjoy your own delicacies - simply irresistible. After preparing your pralines, you will move on to creating your fillings from scratch, mixing and matching ingredients of your choice. No worries, our chefs will be guiding you along the way.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll be on your way to conquer the world of chocolate.

And of course, Packaging is available for your handmade chocolate, to take home, show-off or share with your friends and family.